Agama Desktop App

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The current release release contains a bug. Be careful when you deposit cryptocurrencies to Agama.

Once you create a new account and log in, you may get two deposit addresses. However, there should be only one. You will have to logout/exit and login again. After you have double checked that you have the correct address, then you can proceed to deposit funds safely.

The bug is fixed for the next release.

It is easy to install

  1. Download the latest Agama release from our website
  2. Double click the installer to start the installation process
  3. Follow instructions

How To Use Agama

Our aim is to make Agama as easy to use as possible, but we are not quite there yet. The most important thing to understand are the three different modes you can use:

  • Basilisk Mode - the lightweight mode where you don't have to download blockchain, however it is slower
  • Full Mode - good performance and fast, but you need to download the blockchain
  • Native Mode - this is the same as 'Full Mode', but available for few coins only and gives you advanced functions.

For more information, see our guides:

Agama Multiwallet

Agama uses real cryptocurrencies, not proxy tokens. It is first of its kind, and contains a lot of high level technology that allows it to sync blockchains faster than with their native wallet. It will be possible to even parralel sync multible blockchains at the same time.

It is now possible to securely store your cryptocurrencies under your own control, without any counterparty risk.

Please note that our multiwallet is still in beta. The performance is improving with each release

Agama EasyDEX

The name 'EasyDEX' means an easy decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. The EasyDEX is designed a normal user in mind, and thus offers a simple user interface only.

In EasyDEX the coin exchange is done through 'atomic swaps', which means that the coins are exchanged directly from peer to peer, just like normal cash. We do not use proxy asset, but the real coins, just like our multiwallet.

From EasyDEX you can also access the full native Komodo wallet, which gives you the option to do private transactions. For this to work, the Komodo coin has to be launched in 'native mode'.

Please note that our multiwallet is still in beta, and the exchange service is not yet available