Nxt Services

MultiGateway & SuperNET Lite Wallet

A cryptocurrency called NXT was part of our platform, roadmap, and vision when SuperNET project first started. A lot of the current technology is simply an upgrade from the old one.

We finished some of the services we were planning, and they are still working. These are not part of our future development, and neither do they really integrate into our current platform, but they are working and many might find them still useful.


Nxt were one of the first ones to implement the colored coins concept, which was a huge achievemnt in itself. On top of that we built the MultiGateway, a proxy token concept, which on the other hand was pioneered by jl777 back in 2014.

MultiGateway is a distributed technology, which converts a real coin into a proxy token. Thus potentially any coin can be imported into the Nxt ecosystem. The real coins are stored in a 2 of 3 multisignature address, and a transactions needs to be validated by two of the three servers.

The same concept is used by many blockchain platforms today.

SuperNET Lite Wallet

As the name suggest, the wallet is a lightweight wallet that has additional features compared to a normal NXT wallet. Our wallet shows all of the proxy tokens (such as BTC) in a separate dashboard, from which the user can deposit or withdraw the real coins.

The wallet is simple to use, all you need is a NXT passphrase, which you use to login to your wallet. From the wallet you can send the supported coins to either a NXT address or to their native address.

All in all, SuperNET lite wallet is a multiwallet that is build on top of Nxt. It has certain limitations though, which we have fixed in our new Iguana Multiwallet.