Join SuperNET

How to Join Our Project

We are not a traditional business or a corporation, and neither do we have a bureaucratic hiring process.

Our team has been hired from our community, and we prefer to hire people we already see contributing. Thus if you want to get hired, it is important to actively engage with us and be genuinely interested in what we do.

If you have a project idea, we strongly encourage you to bring it forward and mention it in our Slack. If the idea has merit, the odds are very good that you will quickly find people who will fund it.

Don't be shy. Most of the key contributors you see today initially were outside the SuperNET and just by doing what they like doing, they are now key contributors. Even if you don't have a particular project, there are many pre-existing projects within SuperNET that you can contribute toward. Key contributors are indeed rewarded, for example with stakes in the projects they are working on.

Because we are a decentralized organization, anybody could join at any time and become a key contributor. And we are very open to new people, new ideas, and new projects.

Open Positions

Project Manager for Liquidity Provider Testing

Currently our biggest bottleneck is the lack of testing. If you would like to really help our project move forward please consider applying for this position. We need an active project manager who will manage and test our Smart Address technology that is related to liquidity provider nodes and to the decentralized exchange layer.


  • Basic understanding about our liquidity provider nodes.
  • Basic cryptocurrency understanding, i.e. how to send funds to an address and how to use a standard block explorer.
  • Get comfortable using komodod from the command line.

No one has the above knowledge until they acquire it. Take your time and study what we are up to. If you have got any questions we will be happy to answer them and help you in any way we can.

If you would like to apply for the position, contact @audo in SuperNET Slack and join channel #tradebots. For more information about the position and its requirements contact @jl777.

Technical Support Person

We are looking for a technical support person who would like to help our community and users regarding technical issues related to our products. Prior community involvement and activity is appreciated.


  • basic cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge.
  • familiarity with the use of command line.
  • basic understanding of the main operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • basic knowledge about our products and services.

Acquiring a basic knowledge about blockchain and/or our products is easy. Take your time and educate yourself, and feel free to ask us any questions. When you think you have got the hang of it, contact us and we will talk about hiring you as a part-time support person.

Our active products:

  • Agama Wallet.
  • Komodo coin.

We mainly communicate in our Slack. Everyone is very welcome to join! Contact @audo if you would like to get hired and @grewalsatinder for more information about the position.

Japanese Ambassador

We have a number of ambassadors for different market segments. Now we are also looking for a Japanese ambassador!

The main goals:

  1. build a Japanese community and following
  2. communicate what we are doing to the Japanese audience

We are quite horizontally structured, no one will micro manage what you do. The important thing is to stay transparent and communicate with us. Provide us a plan and a budget requirement and we will provide funding.

If you are already part of our community that is a plus. If you have just heard about us you are very welcome to learn more by joining our Slack channel. We are all very accessible, feel free to stop by and say hello.

If you want to apply for this position, come up with some action plan about what you would like to do and an estimate of the budget you would need.

For more information contact @audo in SuperNET Slack.