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Get started in seconds with our blockchain based financial service. Your information stays private and secure as everything has been decentralized from the ground up.

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Multi-Coin Wallet
Dozens of Native Cryptocurrencies

Decentralized Exchange
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Light Weight Basilisk Mode
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The Problem We Solve

Blockchain Technology Requires An Infrastructure

Cryptocurrency projects are currently developed in isolation from each other due to the lack of a common infrastructure. As a result, the capacity to innovate is limited and projects waste time and money in solving the same problems over and over again. Blockchain technology companies and projects need a way to leverage from the achievements of each other - they need a SuperNET.

Iguana App

Decentralized Organization

Decentralized Organization

Our decentralized organizational structure and open source development makes our efforts transparent and ensures others can leverage from our technology and achievements. We stay open to the world, collaborate with others, and follow the most promising decentralized technologies.

Open Source Technology

Open Source Technology

Our platform is modular by design and all its components complement each other. SuperNET technology adds to the existing Bitcoin infrastructure by connecting all the different blockchains together. Developers can utilize our framework to make further advancements in our cryptocurrency industry for the benefit of all.

Fintech Products

Fintech Products

We are building products that make cryptocurrencies easy, secure, and private to use. All that we do is decentralized from the core, but still designed with the average user in mind. Through our products we offer various financial services to both everyday users as well as businesses.

About Us

Open Source Development of Decentralized Technologies and Applications

We are a horizontally structured organization which is building decentralized open source solutions for anyone to use. Our community and team is a loosely formed group working tirelessly to make our vision a reality. Everyone is welcome to join us and start their own project.

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20 team members

400+ active users

2.75M messages since 2014

Our Technology

A Powerful Blockchain Platform

We produce open source solutions for the blockchain industry. A wide range of decentralized products and services can be built with our platform. We will power the blockchain technology used by people around the world.

Iguana Core
Bitcoin Protocol

A new implementation of Bitcoin protocol serves as a bridge between Bitcoin, our platform, and other altcoins.

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Privacy Technology

Anonymous online payments powered by a technology called ‘Zcash zero-knowledge proofs’

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Decentralized High
Capacity Servers

Part of our infrastructure is run by powerful servers located throughout the world.

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Atomic Cross-Chain
Swap Protocol

Allows our applications to do peer to peer coin exchange without any counter-party risk.

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Distilled RAM Databases

Enable fast random access queries to the essential blockchain information with a minimum resource usage.

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Delayed Proof of Work

A new consensus mechanism that uses Bitcoin and Komodo to give a second security layer to any other blockchain.

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A technology that allows anyone to create new bitcoin compatible blockchains that integrate into our blockchain network.

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Smart contract and conditional logic based blockchains.

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Komodo Logo

Komodo notary nodes

Cryptocurrencies no longer need to waste resources and electricity to secure their blockchain, they can simply use the Komodo notary nodes to secure their systems in a cost-effective way, thus making Bitcoin the heartbeat of this new generation of cryptocurrencies.

Our Product

An Open Source Decentralized Application

Our main product is a powerful application called Agama. Everything inside the app works seamlessly together and is decentralized from the ground up. These features make it the most advanced cryptocurrency application on the market.

Bitcoin Compatible

Supports all Bitcoin compatible coins and any blockchain created within our platform.

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Basilisk Mode

A decentralized lightweight mode that allows users to use our app instantly without any blockchain download.

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Rapid Syncing

Fast blockchain syncs powered by a new Bitcoin protocol.

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Parallel Syncing

An ability to sync multiple coins within our multi-coin wallet

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Decentralized Exchange

Easily exchange cryptocurrencies via a ShapeShift like service.

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Komodo Wallet

A native Komodo wallet gives you an access to anonymous payments.

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Multi-Coin Wallet

Store your coins without a counterparty risk.

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Atomic Explorer

An universal local explorer ensures you don’t have to query information from a centralized server.

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Our Business Model

How We Monetize Our Decentralized Organization

Independent Modules

SuperNET builds modules that in combination create our open source platform. We are developing software products on top of that technology, and those will give us revenue streams. Revenue flows can be hard coded into our technology.

SuperNET Assets

These different technological modules and services each have an asset. When our platform grows, we can issue a new asset which we can use to fund our platform further. The assets work like any other cryptocurrency, and anyone can acquire them.

Revenue Network

A decentralized organization needs to decentralize its revenue sources. Thus many assets own a stake in another asset, and thus their income will flow from asset to asset ensuring that the ecosystem as a whole stays healthy.

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